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News Service for Seafarers,

Truly a World First, offering:

Daily LOCAL News

On LOCAL Language/Script

For seafarers ON BOARD

For example

News for Russian seafarers are ...

  • ... on Russian language ...
  • ... written by journalists in Russia ...
  • ... using Cyrilic fonts

News for Italian seafarers are ...

  • ... on Italian language ...
  • ... written by journalists in Italy ...
  • ... using Latin fonts

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Comments from subscribers

Thank you for the work and effort you put into sending the news broadcasts to our ships.

Gerald Garwood
Master, M.T. HABARI

This is a great idea. Go ahead! Congratulations to editorial staff.

Damir Huber

Appreciate very much your initiative. Respective country news give us more info about home proceedings that of particular interest.

Capt. Sagin